Monday, 18 April 2011


Cute Cake Industries will begin its operation on 6th February 2011. The nature of business of this company is to manufacturing cup cake with flow out  scale at 900kg per day. The main product for this company is a ‘Princess’ cup cake. The surrounding market is stable and the company is a customer request-based product.

Company Information:-

            Company Name                       : Cute CupCakes Industries
            Type of Business                     : Buy and Sell product
            Registration Date                     : 26th  January 2011
            Operation Date                         : 6th  February 2011
            No. Registration Company         : P000025648946-x
            Address Office                          : 60, Jln SP 2/2 Taman Pristana 47000 Sg. Buloh,                                                                                             Selangor
            Phone Number                          : 019-5958901
            Type of Industries                      : Food
            Type of Product                         : Cupcakes

·         The blog can also be made to enable online purchasing where customer can place their order online and the product will be shipped by mail to their home, without hassle.
·         The purpose of the blog is to introducing our product to public. In this way, public are aware about the product of the company.

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